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In 1996, the Chicago Tribune reported that Favre suffered a Vicodin-related seizure following ankle surgery, spent 46 days in a rehab facility, and admitted to the league he had a dependency on the painkiller. He voluntarily admitted himself into the NFL’s substance-abuse program, and in response, the league placed him on a strict alcohol ban. Favre reportedly fought to have the ban appealed, claiming he was addicted to the opioid pain medication, not to booze. 

That ban was lifted in 1997, but years later, Jerry Glanville — Favre’s former coach during his rookie season with the Atlanta Falcons — claimed the quarterback had, indeed, battled alcohol problems. Glanville told WNSR in Nashville (via NBC): “I had to get [Favre] out of Atlanta … I could not sober him up.” The former coach claimed he chose to send Favre to Wisconsin in 1992 after just one season with the Falcons because the only thing that was open late at night in Green Bay was a “Chili Joes” — suggesting a smaller town was the only way to keep Favre away from alcohol and more focused on the game. 

So, did Favre have a drinking problem or not? He still stands by his admission that painkillers were his only vice. However, he did reveal that he gave up alcohol in 1999 for personal and professional reasons, according to the Chicago Tribune


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