Patriots owner Robert Kraft’s shady side

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There’s nothing wrong with a slight age difference between lovers — but when that gap spans several decades, it can often be seen as more than a little strange. Case in point: Robert Kraft and his longtime girlfriend, sometimes-actress Ricki Noel Lander. While Kraft can snag a senior citizen discount at the theater, his gal will have to pay full price for a long time, as she is nearly four decades his junior.

And it would seem that Kraft was well aware of the unusual age difference back in 2012 when the pair were first spotted out together, considering that he didn’t even call her his girlfriend at the time. “She’s my pal,” he responded to questions about his frequent female guest at Patriots games (via Deadspin).

Still, his decision to date a much younger woman apparently shocked close friends. A source told People magazine that they were caught off guard to hear that Kraft had started dating again after the 2011 death of his wife Myra. “He was devoted to his late wife and loved her so much and was devastated by her death so people find his new relationship with this woman who is so much younger to be surprising,” the source explained.


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