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[Intro] Reuel, stop playing with these niggas
It was times I couldn’t even eat, I don’t wanna hear myself
Aye, it was time I couldn’t even eat

[Verse]Aye, it was times I couldn’t even eat
Now I up the dinner roll before a bitch can even blink
Zazas in my body, I can’t even think
Bitch like Chanel and Dior, she ain’t seen no PINK
Just dropped fifth, how the f*ck I ain’t seen no ring?
It was pitch-black, how the f*ck I ain’t need no beam?
Yo mindset f*cked up thinking you don’t need a team
I believe in God but I told Hutch f*ck the Jesus piece
She believes in Tron, she can call me when she need some cheese
Riding with a bitch named “Alicia”, whip need no keys
Late as hell, turning in the rim, shit, I need Febreze
Coach ain’t like me so I up some sleeves on his team
You won’t catch me in them bitches, they ain’t dead stock
I’m a evil genius, turn a cream into a red pop
Snipers on the roof, said ain’t shit for us to send shots
Futurama chop, said ain’t shit for us to bend blocks
I’m a scammer, boy, yo granny sweet
Granny be on tip, f*ck around and get yo granny beat
Y’all been burnt twenty plus, whole family weak
Have my hawk shoot yo ass down like the Atlanta team
My shit hitting, I guess that I’m Trae Young
Sit back and listen, lil’ bitch, bet not say nothing
Glock .40 with a beam, ever held a ray gun?
I can see it in yo eyes, you never set the play up
Looked her in her eyes, “Bitch, you bet not set the play up”
Don’t do that, my main bitch’ll send you way up
Lil’ light skin bitch look like Zendaya
Hold a hundred dollar bill in the air, I feel like [?]Y’all hoes let whoever get y’all pregnant, I’m so scared of y’all
BAPE hoodie zipped, running at him made him scared of Jaws
No cap, that’s a shark on me
Feel like Sub-Zero with that Glock, give me yo heart, homie
I’ma plus here or I’m a dog, won’t hear no bark on me
Buffs price hit for twenty-five then spent a mark on it
Was scamming back in high school but I was really smart on ’em
Run him over in that widebody, had to park on him
Bitch, I got a mask on, hat on and they still notice me

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Zap Zone beams, if I shoot it, make my shoulder lean
Feel like Ray Allen, if I shoot it, I’ma blow the heat
You can have X-ray vision, ain’t no ho in me
Bitch, I’m winning, how I’m ‘posed to be
She just gave me head, I ain’t ask, how it’s ‘posed to be
I just woke up and made ten, how it’s ‘posed to be
Cut into my work, you ain’t never where you ‘posed to be
Walking in some Christians but I keep some demons close to me
I’m a hot head, better think before approaching me
This some za, bitch, I’m Mr. Hell-Nah-You-Can’t-Smoke-With-Me
I just want some head, she talking ’bout, “That dick be choking me”
Scam God, bitch, I’m in the bank and I’m getting slimy
Harden, I got rocket in these ‘Miris, better get from by me
Four rackies on a pair of Yeezys, this shit getting pricey
Shout-out Hutch, yes, yes, bitch, I’m getting icy
Diablo talk, this shit getting spicy
I don’t gang bang but I got some finger twisters by me
Set the bar up up, bitch, it’s hard to trip around me
Feel like Bledsoe, made some bucks when I hit Milwaukee
Yeah, take his top off like a [?] I’ll break yo dusty-ass down, I know them ain’t no black wires
TRL, yeah, that’s lil’ gang, they known to scratch tires
[?] like to shoot shit, I don’t have fighters
LJ came through swinging bats with the barbwire
Teejay beat the clerk ass ’cause his cards fire
Finna be on my dolo shit ’cause my heart tired
Stan and Dee got the one, all my dawgs swipe
Me and Donny Bands hit every two man in IPSI
Do I card up at Wally’s? I made two bands so simple
I’m the reason why they broke up, why you mad she pick me?
They was praying on my downfall, I blew past them, silly
[?] asking for a Fraud Bible ’cause I know Javar
[?] the ball, y’all my sons like I know LaVar
Waiting on this rap shit to pop ’cause I know I’m hard
Every time I close my eyes, I see BINs, this shit so bizarre
[Outro] How it’s ‘posed to be
That’s how it’s ‘posed to be
Cut into my worker, you ain’t never where you ‘posed to be, aye

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Songwriter(s): BabyTron

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