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GHOST Lyrics – 717 MAFIA

GHOST Lyrics – 717 MAFIA



How can you feel down when the money goin’
up, yeah, the label goin hard aftershock the
sound is tough when you movin independent
you can spend it how you want uh… ain’t no
second guesses on investments thru the phone
if….. you ain’t learn a lesson pay attention to the
GOATS. VVVs’ on the Audemaur dancin on the
pole.. hunnid 40 on the dash, yeah this mother
f*cka float, by the time you niggas blink, I’ll be
outtie In the ghost. Rollin thru the trenches just
to spread the message.. y’all bozos do the most
just to be accepted…… It’s a couple of y’all
goofies I refuse to mention….You can’t switch
up on your blood, but beg to be respected……
it’s snakes around your circle that I just can’t
mess with…. the tension in this room is outta
pocket reckless… you gone up off the pills
before you pop the next one.. u had a shitty
year, but this might be our best one


Uhh I push a button, hit the gas, I’m goin ghost.
Why you talkin hard when we know you going
broke? You ….. see we livin large, elevators on
the boat but, please don’t even start, all that
yappin is a joke. 2x

[H-Wine]Yappin on the net, do anything to flex, still
blowin doobies down, til there ain’t nothing left,

y’all quick to move around w- when we up the
tech peep how we do this now, we runnin up the
check. This that exclusive sound, we only cop
the best, these dreams are lucid now, what
levels coming next? Shit i don’t chase the clout, I
cut it, then i jet PA don’t play around, we’ll catch
you off the net, the opps be making rounds, hit
the corner creepin, seen them niggas bugging
(shots) now his wodie leaking, if you ain’t built
for beefing, you stay up out the field,
Better watch who u f*cking, these hoes’ll get
you killed this shit be getting real, but still I keep
it solid, forever sipping private, when no one else
could buy it, y’all bitches keepin quiet, I’m ridin
wit the folks… you couldn’t catch me lackin, I’m
floating in the ghost

[Hook] 2x

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Apologies if I be comin off as condescendin’
I just poured a glass of Goose, you know I’m
gettin reckless. I’m getting apprehensive,
tonight just got expensive so calm down wit the
tension, I got this smith & Wesson.. there ain’t
no happy endings, I promise you don’t tempt
me, no I don’t fold no bending, and ain’t no texts
I’m sending, I’m just gone push this Bentley, and
pull up to yo wedding… Let it out and squeeze…
until that bitch is empty (on gawd)

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