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[Verse] I’m my own man, I don’t really need nobody
But niggas trippin’, I got Smokey on speed dial
If I miss my shot then my brother gon’ get my rebound
My niggas ridin’ ’round with them blammers that’s knocking trees down
Where I’m from, shut up, bitch, I knock your teeth out
Your bitch came in this party with you, she leave with me now
I taught y’all A’s and B’s so y’all could see now
These niggas still don’t understand shit, they must be senile
Lay him down, put him to sleep, tuck him like a wood
Remble, he known to carry dicks, ain’t talking sporting goods
Run up on Remble, please do, I wish a nigga would
I rip the body off the sweater ’cause I’m from the hood
Niggas be tweakin’, I dare ’em to test me as a man
Niggas bе talkin’ but never offerеd a helping hand
Niggas is busters, on my mama, niggas cap a lot
One-man band, I promise I’m the real Dirty Dan
I’m bringing niggas lots of hurt ain’t talking Max Payne
I put my girl in 69 so we could match brain
Niggas my sons, you would think we shared a last name
Finna make niggas disappear like I was Dave Blaine
She said I had great pipe, was it that good?
I had the bitch Russian cream like a Backwood
I’m really known to beat the p*ssy like I hate cats
I got the game wrapped up like a Arab
If she ain’t f*ckin’ just tell the bitch to get out of there

Makin’ me nervous I’m pootin’ harder than Vladimir
You bitches prankers, on my mama, bitches stay cappin’
Bitch, take a shower, wash that p*ssy or I ain’t whackin’
I hang with niggas with that robbin’ and that safe crackin’
I keep a .40, bitch, it’s only so I ain’t lackin’
I tried to put these niggas on but these niggas hoes
Crack cousin once and gave the p*ssy a bloody nose
It’s Remble, we cut them feet ’til his toes bleed
All that tough talkin’, you better show me
It’s Remble, I don’t need no friends or homies
I stand on a king’s tail like I’m Kofi
I’m always poppin’ hot shit, get whipped out and shoelace
This nigga wavin’ a 5 and a camera thinkin’ he Blueface or 1take
Line up three niggas, I’ll show you one snake
That pump fake, niggas is hoes, these niggas is cupcakes
Can’t trust these bitches, they a trip, I call ’em Ella Mai
Bitch cheat on me, I guarantee she see them Heaven gates
This bitch got a deep throat, I might just risk it all
I call my white bitch Lonzo ’cause she be lickin’ balls
Give a mark a black eye and tell his people he fell down
Don’t think you can’t get popped, even John Cena caught twelve rounds
Stomp his ears on the pavement, tell him, “Tell me how hell sound”
This nigga went and cropped me and all his people are hellbound, it’s Remble

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