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34 Of NYs's Wooo & Choo Gang Arrested! (OMB Jaydee Charged w/ 'Child' Rape)

34 Of NYs's Wooo & Choo Gang Arrested! (OMB Jaydee Charged w/ 'Child' Rape)

The two biggest gangs in Brooklyn aren’t the Crips, or the Bloods, or the GDs or the GDKs . . . it’s the Woos and the Choos. Popular Brooklyn rappers Pop Smoke and Fivio Foreign are reportedly affiliated with the Woos.

And yesterday police raided the gangs, and arrested 34 of its members. 

The 34 alleged members of the gangs were charged in a 122-count indictment with charges that include attempted murder, assault, gun possession, robbery, burglary, and rape.

The Woo and Choo gangs are known, according to the Brooklyn prosecutor, for using underage girls as “holsters” to hold their guns while they hunted rival gangsters.

“They tend to recruit, abuse, and utilize young women,” Gonzalez said. “They recruit them into the gang, they have the young girls carry their firearms, their handguns for them.”

“police are less likely to stop the young women,” he said.

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But there were more serious charges, including rape.

Two WOOO members, Jayquan Wise, 19, and Tyquan Ellison, 20, are also charged with raping a 14-year-old girl. Tyquan is also charged with sex trafficking for allegedly forcing the teen to have sex with Jayquan, who is a rapper by the name of OMB Jaydee.

Here are pics of OMB Jaydee, who should be considered innocent until proven guilty:

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