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Atlanta Housewives: Nene Spit In Kenya's Eye – Knocks Contact Lens Loose!!

Atlanta Housewives: Nene Spit In Kenya's Eye – Knocks Contact Lens Loose!!

The current season of the Real Housewives Of Atlanta is heating up – and it will end with a BANG!!

On the show’s finale, MTO News has learned that NeNe Leakes will spit on her rival Kenya Moore. And according to a person in production, Nene’s spit glob hits Kenya directly in her eye and knocks loose one of Kenya’s contact lenses.

Kenya wears hazel tinted contact lenses – which change her eye color from dark brown to hazel.

And Nene’s spit knocked one of the lenses loose.

According to the insider, Nene and Kenya got into a MAJOR fight while taping the show’s final scene. The two started arguing over Nene’s relationship with Kenya’s estranged husband Marc.

Nene and Marc have struck up a friendship, and Kenya was upset that Nene was talking with Marc – behind Kenya’s back.

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The insider explained, “Nene kept egging Kenya on, repeating stories about [Kenya’s] marriage that Marc told her. Eventually Kenya exploded and tried to put hands on Nene.”

Security broke things up – but while they were being held back – Nene reportedly hocked up some saliva and spit it in Kenya’s eye.

For those that want to see some of the drama – peep the Mid Season trailer for Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta:

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