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Atlanta Housewives Todd & Peter Get Into FIGHT – DETAILS On WHO WON!!

Atlanta Housewives Todd & Peter Get Into FIGHT – DETAILS On WHO WON!!

Two of the husbands on Bravo’s Real Housewives Of Atlanta nearly got into a fist fight, MTO News has learned.

Peter Thomas, the former husband of Cynthia Bailey and Todd Tucker, husband of Kandi Burress nearly came to blows inside an Atlanta nightclub a few months back.

What caused the fight? Last we heard, Peter and Todd were friends.

Well, a few months ago Peter went on blogger Michelle ATLien Brown’s podcast with Apollo Nida, Phaedra’s ex-con ex-husband. During the show, Apollo made some disparaging comments about Todd and Kandi, and Peter sat by and seemed to co-sign Apollo’s negative remarks.

Apollo’s beef with Todd springs from his most recent brush with the law. According to reports, Apollo was hiding his belongings from the feds in Todd’s garage & Todd snitched.

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But when Todd ran into Peter a few days after the podcast, he was tight. He was upset about the comments Apollo made and what appeared to be Peter’s silent agreement, and the two nearly came to blows.

Luckily security was there to break it all up.


Atlanta Housewives Peter & Todd FIGHT!! (; 1:16)

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