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Chris Brown's New Baby Mama Lies About Being Half Black!!

Chris Brown's New Baby Mama Lies About Being Half Black!!

This week Chris Brown announced that he and his Blasian (Black and Asian) girlfriend Ammika Harris welcomed a baby into the world. The world celebrated Chris’ new family, and his half Black babys mama.

Well word on the street is that Ammika is NOT half Black. A new report came out which claims that Ammika is really 100% Asian, but she’s pretending to be half Black for clout.

According to Ammika’s Instagram profile, she claims too be a Blasian with Chereokee Indan blood  in her. 

But according to a new social media report, both of her parents are allegedly THAI. The report claims that Ammika is a FRAUD, and that in order to help cover up her little ‘Black’ lie, she started calling herself Ammika Harris to sound more Black. 

The report also adds that Ammika’s alleged transracial identity is partly a result of her obsession with CB‘s longtime ex-gf Karrueche Tran.

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Her real names before and after coming to Germany is Ammiko Pietzker (her mother Thipsuda married a german with the surname Pietzker).

And here are some receipts, including their daughter’s birth certificate, which shows Ammiko’s real name, and pics o her parents and family:

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