ATL Housewives Kandi's Daughter BEGS For Money On Instagram!!

Kandi Burress’s daughter, Riley, turned 17 years old this weekend and the reality star decided to celebrate her birthday by begging her fans for money.

Riley, who is daughter to the multi-millionaire Real Housewives of Atlanta reality star, asked her fans on Instagram to send her some money – via cash app as “support.” Riley wrote, “Show me some love.”

And by love, she meant money.

The 17 year old added, “My mom has money I don’t.”

Here’s the post:

Almost immediately fans of Riley went into her comments and blasted her for the request. The fans also inquired whether her mother Kandi knew of Riley’s unorthodox request.

Well, it turns out that Kandi not only knew about Riley’s request, she encouraged and promoted it. Minutes after Riley posted her BEGGING message, Kandi re-posted it on her page.