Rihanna's PREGNANT – Unveiled Baby Bump Last Night!! (PICS)

Rihanna is pregnant with her first child, MTO News can now exclusively confirm. And while Rihanna is not openly talking about her new pregnancy – she’s not hiding it either.

Last night Rihanna performed at her annual Angel’s Ball charity dinner, and Rihanna wore a form fitting dress that clearly showed her belly bulge.

The rest of Rihanna’s body was skinny – and it was just her belly that was protruding.

Here’s the video that’s making the rounds online:

MTO News spoke with multiple people at the event, and they all confirmed that Rihanna – who is known for heavy drinking – was not drinking that night.

Here’s Rihanna pretending to drink some wine – but not sipping any of it:

So how can we be so sure that Rihanna is pregnant? We asked one of Rihanna’s reps about her bump, and instead of getting a “no” . . . we got a “no comment.”

Rihanna has been dating her longtime boyfriend Hassam Jameel – a Saudi billionaire – for more than 3 years and they share a home together in London.