TI's 18 Yr Old Daughter BLASTS Her Dad Over Virginity Comments!!

Yesterday, rapper TI made some very controversial statements about his 18 year old daughter’s virginity. TI said on his podcast that he takes his 18 year old college student, Deyjah, to the gynecologist every year to have her hymen checked – to ensure that she is still a virgin.

Fans of the rapper went crazy when they heard his remarks and flooded his social media accounts with various comments – and most of which were highly critical of him. They called the rapper and reality star a controlling and overprotective dad, and labeled his actions as “sexist.”

Well now his daughter Deyjah is also taking a public stance against her father’s comments. Late last night, the 18 year old beauty went on a Twitter “liking” spree – liking dozens of posts that were critical of TI.

That was her way of showing her disapproval of both his comments and actions: