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G Eazy's Girlfriend Speaks Out – Calls Megan Thee Stallion A 'THOT'!!

G Eazy's Girlfriend Speaks Out – Calls Megan Thee Stallion A 'THOT'!!

Rapper G Eazy revealed over the weekend, that he’s been hooking up with female rapper Megan Thee Stallion. Now G Eazy’s girlfriend is speaking up about their new relationship – and she appears to be furious with Megan.

According to multiple reports, G Eazy has been dating model Yasmin Wijnaldum for the last 6 months. And back in September, the couple attended the Harper’s Bazaar Icons party together. It was at that party when G Eazy first met Megan.

Megan was introduced to Yasmin as G Eazy’s girlfriend. The two women hit it off and Meg and Yasmin hung out together for the rest of the evening and “turned up” together as well.

Now – just a few months later – Megan is “turning up” with Yasmin’s man.

We have to admit – Megan did do the girl dirty.

Naturally, Yasmin feels betrayed by Megan and G Eazy. And she’s taken to Twitter to Blast Megan, subtly calling her a “thot.”

Here’s what Yasmin posted yesterday. That’s one of Megan’s songs she has playing in the background. The song talks about a cheating boyfriend, that loves messing with “thots”. 

The lyrics are:

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You’ll do anything to get up in a thot box,

You be f*cking anything that walk – you got thot c*ck

Clearly, she was aiming this at Megan:

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