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Gucci Mane Brags About Killing Jeezy's Best Friend In Versuz Battle!!

Gucci Mane Brags About Killing Jeezy's Best Friend In Versuz Battle!!

Last night’s Versuz battle between Gucci Mane and Jeezy was a classic. The two Atlanta rappers performed some of their biggest and best hits over the course of an hour and a half.

And the battle was epic. MTO News looked at the viewers response, and most feel that the battle between the two rappers was a tie.

But towards the end of the night, the battle went from fun to dark. That’s because Gucci Mane brought up a painful old memory. He bragged about how he shot and killed Jeezy’s best friend Pookie Loc.

In the 2000s Pookie allegedly attempted to break into Gucci’s home, and Gucci shot him dead. Gucci was arrested, but later released, after prosecutors found that he fired in self-defense.

Well Gucci was rubbing salt in the would last night, by rapping about killing the homie.

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Gucci also was disrespectful as hell, telling Jeezy to his face that he was “Smoking on Pookie Loc.” That’s slang, that originated in Chicago, which means that he planned on rolling Pookie Loc’s ashes into a blunt and smoke them.

Jeezy took the high road. Instead of stooping to Gucci’s level, he gave a speech about how their music is “for the culture.”


Gucci Dissed Jeezy’s Dead Homie – The One He Killed (; 1:47)

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