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Lizzo Makes Butt 'Clap' On Twitter While Wearing Thong!!

Lizzo Makes Butt 'Clap' On Twitter While Wearing Thong!!

Pop singer Lizzo is getting more and more extreme with the videos that she leaks.

Last night, the singer released a video, of her making her booty clap. And Lizzo was just wearing a thong.

Here is the video – WARNING VERY GRAPHIC

Lizzo used to release cute G rated videos on social media – that her younger fans (many impressionable little girls) could appreciate. 

But now she’s been getting more and more risqué. Many of her posts could be classified as R or even X rated.

Just last month Lizzo met up with a Pittsburgh second-grade class that produced a viral hit rewrite of her hit song “Truth Hurts”. The entire class flew out to meet-and-greet with Lizzo before her set at San Jose’s SAP Center Thursday night.

And that’s not unusual. According to the latest Billboard charts, the majority of the people listening to Lizzo’s music are under 15.

But despite having such a young fan base . . . Lizzo is still out here doing adult things online.

Here’s her latest video

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Here is the video – WARNING VERY GRAPHIC

In December, Lizzo caught flak online for her outfit and behavior at a Lakers-Timberwolves game, in which her bottom was exposed only being covered by a thong string. Despite people coming for her heavy, the singer didn’t let it get her down. She responded on her Instagram and stopped by CBS This Morning to talk about her success while also addressing her critics. 

Asked if she’s been listening to the criticism, she said, “Not really, I stay in my own positive bubble.” She reiterated her earlier comments, choosing not to let the backlash get to her. “Well it’s their opinion, so I mean, it’s not for me to really ingest,” she continued. “It’s for them to express and for me to choose to listen to or not.” Asked if her viral moment was spontaneous or not, she confirmed it was.

What do you think about Lizzo showing off her body? Do you not care at all or is she doing the most?

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