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Mom & Daughter Go Viral After Creating Joint ONLYFANS Accounts!!

Mom & Daughter Go Viral After Creating Joint ONLYFANS Accounts!!

A mother and daughter are going viral, after decided to team up, and create joint Onlyfans accounts.

Onlyfans is an adult website, where sex workers can charge viewers for subscriptions.

Mother and daughter Brittany Olivia, 18, and Jessica Graham set-up matching OnlyFans accounts, allowing subscribers to pay to see monthly content.

The two announced on Twitter that they would be launching  new venture, and posted lingerie photos to entice men to sign up.

And it worked. Within minutes the post went viral, and has received more than 8,000 likes.

And their team up is making them a lot of money too. So far, their Onlyfans channel has amassed nearly 2,000 followers. At a subscription rate of $15.99 – that means that they’re making almost $32,000 a month.

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And the two ladies are getting a lot of praise on social media. One commenter commented, “First of all I f****** love this! Second, I’m glad to see parents actually supporting their children doing safe sex work.”

Another wrote, “My mum knows I’m a sex worker and supports me as well.”

Another remarked: “Iconic. Powerful queens.”

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