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Nike's Chinese New Year Ad Puts a Twist on Traditional Red Envelopes

Nike's Chinese New Year Ad Puts a Twist on Traditional Red Envelopes

Nike‘s Chinese New Year ad for 2020 puts the focus on family — with, of course, a plug for good running shoes. The new commercial showcases a young girl and her aunt over multiple years as the little girl tries not to accept her aunt’s gift of a traditional red envelope.

The little girl grows up into a college student as she repeatedly tries not to accept her aunt’s gift, running across the city and the countryside in order to not receive the envelope, though her aunt always catches up to her. The final scene in the ad shows the girl as a grown woman with a family of her own; when her aunt comes to her home for new year celebration, the woman to give the now eldery aunt a red envelope, who is then shown already wearing running shoes.

Nike has not yet officially released the advertisement, though it has already gained buzz on social media. Many have praised the spot for its clever take on the Lunar New Year custom.

2020 will mark the Year of the Rat in the Chinese Zodiac. Nike released its Chinese New Year collection earlier this month, which includes colorful footwear and apparel featuring four Yuxian patterns that depict important moments in Nike history.

For more Lunar New Year launches, see the new releases from Prada and Louis Vuitton.

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