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Rapper Future Ordered To Pay 9TH Baby Momma $53,000 A MONTH

Rapper Future Ordered To Pay 9TH Baby Momma $53,000 A MONTH

A judge has ordered rapper Future Hendrix to pay a whopping $53,000 a month in child support for his newly declared daughter, Reign, MTO News has learned.

This is a huge victory for Eliza Reign who initiated the lawsuit against Future for paternity and child support in 2019. Throughout that time, she suffered several attacks from the rapper with him calling her out on social media accusing her of fraud, and most recently Future filed a defamation lawsuit against her. 

This surprisingly large child support order is a clear loss for Future and maybe the first of MANY legal losses for him. Eliza is the FIRST of Future’s NINE babies mothers to put him on a child support order. But that’s about to change according to reports. MTO News learned that at least 7 of the baby’s mothers are working to get Future to put on paperwork as well

And they’re all expecting a huge payday like the one Eliza Reign got.

In response to the setback, Future went on an angry Twitter tirade after he learned of the news on Thursday.

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