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'RHOA's Drew Sidora Says Nicki Minaj And Her GOT INTO A FIGHT!!

'RHOA's Drew Sidora Says Nicki Minaj And Her GOT INTO A FIGHT!!

Actress Drew Sidora opened up about the time she came face to face with rapper Nicki Minaj — and Nicki commented on her weight.

“I’ve been rehabbing my Achilles to get myself back into a position to work again,” Drew said on Kandi Burruss’ Youtube channel. “Outside of that, just losing weight. TV and film adds a good fifteen pounds. And I have gone in for roles and I have been told, ‘Girl, you don’t look how you looked in TLC.’ I’m like…” 


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Then Drew told the Nicki story: “So, I was up for an ABC family series, a Nicki Minaj pilot. And Nicki herself said that. She said I don’t look how I looked when I played T-Boz. I was like, ‘Nicki!’ It was like, all these ABC execs around but I had gone through about five rounds. And she really, really liked me. This was in person. And then she said that in front of all of these [executives]. It is was it is. I was like, look, I just had a baby.'”

She added: “What I took away was, girl, get your life together. Get back in the gym. Can’t keep blaming it on the baby. Get to work — Yes, I had a baby, let’s not body shame, but it did give me that motivation.” 

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