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Steve Harvey Curses Out His Staff On IG Live While Marjorie Looks On!!

Steve Harvey Curses Out His Staff On IG Live While Marjorie Looks On!!

Steve Harvey has a bit of a scandal on his hands – he was caught on camera cursing out his staff – because of a disagreement over lunch.

And surprisingly, Steve’s apparent abusive behavior was captured on camera – and Livestreamed by Marjorie Harvey – to his millions of fans. Marjorie thought that Steve’s profanity laced tirade against his employees was funny.

But the look on her face said otherwise. When Steve cursed out his employees Marjorie appeared to be both surprised and shocked by his comments – at the moment they were made.

And while Marjorie may have eventually found Steve’s yelling funny – many on social media did not. And some are calling Steve “abusive” for talking to his staff like that.

It all popped off on Friday on Steve’s birthday, when he directed one of this employees to get him a pizza for lunch.

Another member of the staff had some questions about the order and tried to ask Steve.

But the talk show host interrupted the woman and began yelling curses at her.

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Steve said, “I ain’t ask you sh*t. That’s why I said don’t say sh*t to her, cause her come that bulls*t.”

Then Steve explained his lunch order to his assistant, “The other pizza ain’t sh*t I had it. All I want is a Pizza Hut pizza.”

Here’s Steve cussing out his staff:

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