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Steve Harvey: Mark Curry's A 'Liar' Who Needs To 'Get A Life & A Career'!!

Steve Harvey: Mark Curry's A 'Liar' Who Needs To 'Get A Life & A Career'!!

Comedian Steve Harvey just fired some pretty serious shots at his comedian rival, Mark Curry.

Yesterday Steve was confronted by a cameraman and asked to comment on Mark Curry’s accusations, that Steve stole jokes from him.

According to Mark, Steve has stolen jokes from him over the years. Mark claims that many of the jokes on Steve’s hit sitcom “the Steve Harvey Show” was stolen from Mark’s 1990s sitcom “Hanging with Mr Cooper.”

Mark also claims that Steve has used a number of his jokes in his stand up performances as well.

Steve immediately got defensive when asked about Mark’s allegations.

Steve told the cameraman, “Now I’m getting sick of this, and Mark Curry needs to grow up.” He continued, ‘I haven’t even been on stage [doing standup] since 2015.”

Then Steve told the cameraman, “Ask Mark Curry what joke he’s talking about.”

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Steve then started blasting Mark Curry personally. He told the cameraman that Mark should, “Get a life. Get a career and go do something.”

Steve then seemed to get confrontational, saying, “The only reason I’m commenting on this is because [Mark] keeps running his mouth about it.”

It almost kinda sorta sounded like Steve was dropping some fighting words.

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