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Tyga & Kylie Back Together – Caught On 'Secret' Date!! (Pics)

Tyga & Kylie Back Together – Caught On 'Secret' Date!! (Pics)

Rapper Tyga and Kylie Jenner are officially getting back together, according to multiple social media reports.

The two former lovers were spotted out last night in Los Angeles – on what many are calling a “secret” date.

The couple met up at the Hollywood hotspot Delilah’s. Officially Tyga was there with his boys and Kylie was here with her girls. But multiple people at the event have confirmed that Tyga and Kylie spent most of their time together in VIP.

One partygoer tweeted, “Kylie and Tyga together in VIP all night. Reconciling?”

Another wrote, “Why do I see Tyga and Kylie hanging in VIP.”

When the paparazzi snapped a pic of him leaving  the event through the backdoor, he had a shocked look on his face – as if he was caught red handed.

Tyga and his crew quickly ran off to their car, and sped off.

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Kylie left just a few moments later, and Tsped off in the same direction – suggesting that the crews linked up later for a private after-party.

Look at Tyga’s face when he sees the paparazzi:

And here’s Kylie leaving with her GFs:

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